Play Date at My Urban Toddler

My daughter has been asking to go to My Urban Toddler for about 2 weeks. We were totally swamped last week, but found time in our schedule to go this afternoon. Over the weekend, I put out an event invite on my personal Facebook page to see if any friends wanted to join us. I received a few acceptances, and was able to call My Urban Toddler this morning to establish us as a playgroup (4 adults). Setting your group up as a playgroup entitles you to a $1 admission discount.

We had been to My Urban Toddler several times in the past, but it had been a year since our last visit. I was afraid that my daughter was getting too old for it. A friend had been a few weeks ago with her 4 year old and he had a great time, so we decided to give it a try. My 4 year old was definitely not too old, actually playing at a different level than she has in the past (imaginative play instead of just playing with the toys).

For the parents, they offer free WiFi, you just have to ask for the code at the front desk. I was able to get my iPod Touch on the network and do some e-mails, Facebook, and Twitter while I waited for friends.

I do recommend trying to arrange to meet at least one friend there. The range between young toddlers and pre-schoolers can be quite large and it is nice to know that you will not have the only child in a certain age range. Also, I have found it to be helpful to view the class schedule and try to pick a day/time that does not have a lot of classes since children can play for free before/after their class.

We will probably return a few more times before my daughter is too old in the next year or two.


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