Pop in Playtime at Canton Pump It Up

I am writing this review in realtime – from Pop-in Playtime at Pump It Up in Canton. My daughter is having a ball.

The logistics have left a bit to be desired. On their Facebook page, they posted last night that playtime was 10:30-noon. However, their website listed it as 10-11:30a. (Fortunately I went looking for other days/times before attending so we did not miss any of the jump time.) When I called to confirm what time it was, there recording was for June times. Also, my daughter is attending a jump and art camp here later this week (purchased through Groupon). One of the perks to peers for pre-registering for camp is free pop in playtime. I was not sure that would be included with the Groupon, so I asked when I registered her over the phone and was told it was included. However, upon arrival I discovered it was not included with the Groupon. I understand not including the jump time, but I am disappointed that I was given incorrect information whenI asked at registration.

In also think the price for pop in playtime is a bit steep – $7 for 90 minutes as compared to places with all day play ( Jungle Java or Xtreme Bounce Zone).

The playtime is well run with several staff members patrolling the area between inflatables to watch what is going on. They also have two jumping rooms and at the 45 minute mark moved us from one room to the other. They keep the kids shoes on a cart to move between rooms. Each arena has 4 or 5 inflatables that are a bit different to give the kids some variety. The crowd is mostly in the 4-7 age range. My daughter is one of the taller ones. There are a few bigger kids, but I have not observed any issues.

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