Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Muppets is Must See!

My family had the opportunity to see a screening of The Muppets last weekend. We really enjoyed the movie and definitely recommend seeing it. As soon as the movie ended my daughter asked "When can we get this on Blu-Ray? As long as we don't watch it upstairs, we can get it on Blu-Ray."

The story follows Gary (Jason Segel) and his girlfriend Mary (Amy Adams) who travel to Los Angeles with his brother Walter, the world's biggest Muppets fan. Upon arrival they go for a tour of the Muppets Studio and discover that it is run-down and Tex Richman (Chris Cooper) wants to tear it down and drill for the oil they are convinced lies underneath the studio. Walter, Gary, and Mary search out Kermit and convince him to reunite The Muppets for a telethon to raise the $10 million needed to save the studios.

I did not watch The Muppet Show on television very much, but I saw several of their early movies. I haven't seen any of those movies in years, but from what I remember this is somewhat similar. As a Muppet movie, this definitely was a success in my book.

The movie features a number of cameos. The kids may recognize Selena Gomez, Jack Black, and Neil Patrick Harris (since he was in the Smurfs). I had to laugh at Selena's line "I don't know who these guys are, but my agent told me to be here." I also loved how when Kermit is going through his rolodex looking for a celebrity host, we see the names of 80s stars. The movie has its share of Disney cross-promotion with a Cars 2 billboard prominently featured outside the studio in a few shots. I even caught a glimpse of a Winnie the Pooh poster. I am looking forward to seeing the movie again to catch more of these details.

My favorite character was the 80's robot. He had a lot of lines that will amuse the adults in the audience who remember the 80s while the kids are confused. He started dialing up a modem and my husband and I started laughing and my daughter was wondering what the static noise was. My daughter's favorite character was Mary, she always goes for a girl.

There were a few slow spots in the middle of the movie, but the action picked up again at the end. The movie featured musical numbers with the live action actors and Muppet montages featuring both new and traditional songs and scenery. I loved that several times they acknowledged that they were in a movie with snide comments("it must be an important plot point" said by one of Tex Richman's henchmen).

The movie was preceded by Small Fry, a Toy Story short film. In Small Fry, a Kids Meal toy Buzz manages to take the place of Buzz Lightyear and go home with Bonnie while Buzz is left at the restaurant. Buzz joins a support group for abandoned toys and kids Buzz tries to convince the other toys that he is the real Buzz, just shrunk. I loved seeing the random kids meal toys in the support group. The menu items during the credits of the short are funny as well.

In Ann Arbor, The Muppets is playing at Rave Motion Pictures and Quality 16.

Disclaimer: My family was provided with free tickets to a screening of The Muppets in hopes that I would review the film. All opinions are 100% mine (and my families). Images and video clips have been provided by Walt Disney Studios Publicity


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