Family Swim at Goldfish Swim School

Last night we attended Family Swim at Goldfish swim school with friends of ours. It was our first visit, but I have heard very good things from people I know whose children take lessons there.

My daughter has not been able to stop talking about going swimming last night. Her favorite part was the foam canoe that they had. She and her friend loved climbing in the canoe and rowing (or being pushed) around the pool. They did not even mind when they tipped a few times.

The water is kept at a warm 90 degrees. Personally, I found the water a little too warm, but the warm temperature is definitely a plus for babies and toddlers taking lessons. Until my daughter was about 4 she could not make it through a lesson at many of the local indoor pools without blue lips and chattering teeth causing us to cut lessons short. The warmer weather at Goldfish would have been much appreciated at the time (they did not open until more recently).

The pool itself is 4′ deep. The two long sides both have a bench that runs the length. This provides a nice place for kids to sit during group lessons, or parents during Family Swim time. They also had platforms in the water. They were great for the kids to stand on, and proved great diving challenges for my daughter and her friend to swim under them. Unfortunately, they were fully underwater and not easy for parents to see who were looking at water level.

Since the focus of Goldfish Swim School is on children’s lessons and not open swim, the dressing rooms are setup as individual changing rooms. When we arrived, a swim lesson had just let out so the dressing rooms were full. My daughter and I had worn our swim clothes under our clothes, so we were able to remove our outer clothes and get right in the water. My husband had to wait for a changing room or bathroom to be available. There are cubbies to place your belongings in while you are swimming. You can also get a key for a locked cubby from the front desk.Currently Family Swim Hours are available from noon-1:30p on Monday through Thursday, 6:30-8p on Fridays, and 5-6:30p on Sunday. Family Swim costs $5/person or $15/family.

Their swim lessons are currently being offered Monday through Sunday. They have a variety of lessons ranging from parent/child classes to their pro-level. Once children graduate from the pro-level they are eligible to join their swim team.


I definitely recommend Family Swim Time at Goldfish Swim School. If you are in the market for swim lessons for your child, I recommend at least looking into Goldfish Swim School.

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