Special Sessions at Xtreme Bounce Zone through Early February

On the weekends, Xtreme Bounce Zone is typically only open Monday through Friday with the weekends reserved for parties. Occasionally they will have an extra session over the weekend.

Friday nights are Kidz Night Out from 7-10p. Kidz Night Out is for kids ages 8+ and costs $10 which includes Pizza. My daughter just turned 8, so we haven’t had a chance to check out Kidz Night Out yet. Hopefully we will schedule a night out soon.

For this weekend, they are having a special bounce from 2-3:30p on Saturday, February 1.

Every Tuesday and Thursday they have Toddler Take Over from 10a-1p for kids ages 5 and under for just $3/child. Thursday, February 6 will be a special SuperHero Day. Iron Man and Batman will be on hand for Toddler Take Over. Come dressed in your own Super Hero costume (parents too if they wish).

Sounds like fun!

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