Rec & Ed Spring Sports Early Bird Deadline is Friday

As I try to get some work done at my daughter’s indoor soccer practice, it seems like a good time to remind my readers that the early bird deadline for Rec & Ed’s Spring Sports is Friday, February 14 at 5p. Regular registration ends on February 18 when teams will begin to be assigned. While they will accept registrations after the regular registration period, you may not be able to be assigned to a team from your school as teams with unfilled rosters will have players added first.

Spring Sports include Soccer (grades K-8), Field Hockey (grades 3-8), and Flag Football (grades 3-8). I don’t have any experience with Field Hockey or Flag Football, but this spring will be my daughter’s 4th season playing Rec & Ed Soccer.

My daughter had first tried soccer through Pittsfield Township as a 4 year old with mixed success. Part of the problem that she had was that the league was co-ed ages 4-6. While she had just turned 4, there were a number of kids who were 6 or 6.5 who had played several season. The size and speed disparity proved to be too intimidating for her.

My daughter started playing Rec & Ed Soccer in fall 2012 as a 1st grader. She has played 3 seasons so far (Fall 2012, Spring 2013, and Fall 2013). I like that the Rec & Ed is divided by both gender and grade level with teams or players have the option of playing up a grade level. Her team has stayed fairly consistent with most of the kids coming from her school. It is nice this year that we are returning to the same team as our previous coach has already told us that he plans to coach again this year and is hoping to keep practice the same day that it has been for the last few years. By having a school based team, we are able to adjust the practice schedule for school wide events (or for Girl Scouts as many of our players are in the same troop).Rec & Ed will try to place your child on a team from their school.

Even if your child hasn’t played soccer before, I encourage them to give it a try. Each season we have had at least one player who was playing their first season.

This year my daughter also decided to give Rec & Ed’s indoor soccer a chance. We have really enjoyed our indoor soccer experience. They play on a basketball court which is smaller than a soccer field and the ball also rolls more (but it is flat, so we don’t always seem to be stuck with the downhill goal). The girls are learning to control the ball and it is more of a ball control game than a big kicks game. There are only 4 teams in a combined girls 1st/2nd grade league, so we are going to play each team a couple of times. We had our first repeat game this weekend, and I was thrilled that after being dominated in the first game (10-0), our team actually won 3-2 this weekend. What a difference a few practices can make.

Soccer practices can start the week of March 31 with games beginning the week of April 12 (remember April 7-11 is Spring Break). The season runs through June 8.

For residents of the Ann Arbor School District, Soccer costs $115 ($105 early bird), Field Hockey costs $118 ($108 early bird), and Flag Football costs $110 ($103 early bird). Non-resident fees are an additional $10.

You can register online (my preferred method), in person at the Rec & Ed Office, or by mail. The printed registration form can be found here. At this point, I do not recommend mail if you want to get the Early Bird Discount.

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