Today’s Weather – Only 2 Cancellations to Report

This morning I was unexpectedly woken up by my alarm at 6a. I had really expected a pre-6a phone call canceling school. Unfortunately, the call did not come as school was still in session.

Usually my husband drives our daughter to school on his way to work. Since I drive a 4WD vehicle, I usually drive them both on snowy days. For us, today was a little more complicated since my husband needed to be to work extra early today since he was giving an exam at 8a (an hour ahead of the usual lecture time). On exam days, I usually drive to school since he needs to be at work earlier.

With the developing storm system, we had decided that if school was canceled that he would take the 4WD while we stayed home. With school in session and bad roads, we left the house before 6:45a to get him to work by 7:30a.

I knew it was going to be a rough drive when all of the highways were showing yellow at 6a. We did not encounter a lot of traffic, but did need to drive very slow due to road conditions. We did get my husband to work by 7:35a and my daughter and I went for breakfast before school. I was able to get her to school without issue, but did encounter a number of traffic situations leaving school. With the weather and road conditions, I decided not to venture home and hang out with my laptop at Biggby Coffee. I’ll make a decision at lunch as to whether I go home or find a nearby place for lunch until school lets out. I’m still not feeling optimistic about the traffic map and reports that I have heard of accidents on I94 West of M14 that have the highway closed eastbound.

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From what I heard on the radio, there was only an inch of snow down at 5a. The snow picked up between 5:30-6a (after a decision was made). I’m hoping that the weather improves and they have a chance to clear the roads before the afternoon commute.

Even with the bad road conditions and snow continuing to fall, the only cancellation that I have seen in my e-mail and Facebook feed is Jump City. They have cancelled their Open Bounce (1-3p on Wednesdays) this afternoon.

Goldfish Swim School has confirmed that they are open for swim lessons and family swim (12:30-1:30p).

Update: Per ClickOnDetroit, Ypsilanti Schools have cancelled their afternoon activities.

Did you venture out today? What did you think of the roads and the decision to hold school?

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