About Bedtime Math & Their Glow-in-the-Dark Parties

Earlier this week I shared with you about the Bedtime Math Glow in the Dark Party at Nicola’s Books. Since then, I have found that Barnes & Noble is also hosting an event and have also learned more about Bedtime Math.

The Bedtime Math: Glow-in-the-Dark Party at Nicola’s Books will be on Friday, March 14 at 7p. Barnes & Noble of Ann Arbor will host their Bedtime Math: Glow-in-the-Dark Party on Saturday, March 15 at 2p.

Many families have a bedtime story or reading time incorporated as part of their bedtime routine. Bedtime Math is a non-profit dedicated to helping kids love to learn math. Part of that is bringing math to the bedtime experience.

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There are two Bedtime Math books by founder Laura Overdeck:


You can also subscribe to their e-mail to receive a daily math problem. The daily math problem is also available as a FREE iPhone App or FREE Google Play App. Last night I downloaded the iPhone App and can’t wait to use it with my daughter.

Yesterday’s Problem of the Day
from the Bedtime Math iPhone App

The daily problem goes beyond a typical figure out the math problem. There is background text with some trivia, yesterday’s was about typing speeds, and then there is a series of math problems each at a different level.

Nicola’s Books is located at 2513 Jackson Rd in Westgate Shopping Center in Ann Arbor. Barnes & Noble of Ann Arbor is located at 3235 Washtenaw Ave in Huron Village Shopping Center.

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