Review: Kidz Night Out at Xtreme Bounce Zone

Each Friday night Xtreme Bounce Zone holds Kidz Night Out from 7-10p. Kidz Night Out is just for kids ages 8+. I have been waiting for my daughter to turn 8 so that we could take advantage of the night out. Kidz Night Out is currently $10/child but will be increased to $15/child beginning on April 11, 2014.

Two friends and I were talking about Kidz Night Out a couple of months ago and said we should setup a date night when all of our kids were 8. With mid-winter break and otherwise busy schedules, we were finally all free tonight.

My daughter said she had a great time and would do it again. That being said, there are a few things to be aware of when you attend.

Last week one of my friends called Xtreme Bounce Zone to see if we needed to reserve spots, but were told to just show up. Today we learned that they do frequently reach capacity, so plan to arrive early. When we arrived (at 6:55p, 5 minutes early), our kids were number 19-22 signed in. There were 30 lines on the paper, so I assume that was the capacity. The parking lot was extremely crowded when we arrived, so having one parent to drive and another to take the child in to signup is beneficial.

I did notice that most of the kids seemed to be in groups, so I think we will only do it when she has friends with her. As the rest of her friends turn 8 in the next few months, it should become easier to find friends to attend with her.


Kidz Night Out includes pizza and breadsticks. However, the event starts at 7p and according to my daughter, they had their main bouncing time before they ate. I heard from her friends who arrived at pickup a little before us that there wasn’t an overabundance of pizza. My daughter said she had one slice of pizza and there was none left for seconds (although her friend had the last second slice). Fortunately she had a big snack so she said she had enough to eat. Next time, I will probably feed my daughter dinner and consider the pizza to be more of a snack than dinner. According to my daughter after dinner they played Dodge Ball and in the last round of Dodge Ball were given the option to have additional bounce time.

I asked my daughter to compare this Kids Night Out program to the UM Natural History Museum which she attended last month. She liked that the Natural History Museum provides dessert and down-time watching TV at the end of the night. However, she felt that Xtreme Bounce Zone was more of a treat since “we go to museums more often than we got to Xtreme Bounce Zone”.

As a parent, the longer time frame of the UM Natural History Museum gives us more options such as a movie since it is from 6-10p. Even though Xtreme Bounce Zone is conveniently located near Quality 16, a movie is difficult with only a 3 hour window unless it is a short movie with a perfectly timed start. However, Xtreme Bounce Zone holds the advantage in two key areas. It is offered every week as opposed to the Museum who offers theirs only two or three times a year. Xtreme Bounce Zone’s lower cost is also attractive, especially for parents with multiple children.

We will definitely keep Kidz Night Out at Xtreme Bounce Zone in mind as an option for a fun night out for both my daughter and us.

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