23rd Annual Pittsfield Township Easter Egg Hunt

Pittsfield Township is holding their 23rd Annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 19 at Montibeller Park. The event is for children ages 3-10 and will be broken down into different age ranges. In the past, the different age ranges hunt in different areas of the park all starting at 10a. The egg hunt starts promptly at 10a with registration beginning at 9:30a. When you register your child, they will also receive a raffle ticket for prizes.

2009 Pittsfield Township Egg Hunt

The Township brochure states that each child will receive a goody bag. If so, this is a big improvement from the previous years that we have attended the event. In the past, each egg had a piece of candy with a suggested limit of 10 eggs per child that was ignored by many children and resulted in other children finding only 1 egg or no eggs. I think the switch to a goody bag model is a good choice to combat the greedy patrons.

I suggest arriving early to the event as the event gets crowded and Montibeller Park has limited parking. In the past, we have parked in the Meijer lot and walked to the park.

We have not attended since 2010 due in part to our schedule (my daughter had just had her tonsils removed in 2011 and we were away in 2013) and in part the bad experience in 2010. With the changes, I am willing to give it another try depending on our availability.

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