Breakfast with the Bunny at the Toledo Zoo Review

Disclaimer: The Toledo Zoo provided my daughter and I with tickets to attend Breakfast with the Bunny. All opinions are our own.

This morning my daughter and I attended Breakfast with the Bunny at the Toledo Zoo. We had a great time and thought the event was very well run. Breakfast with the Bunny will be held again tomorrow, however the event is sold out.

As I was planning our schedule for this morning I was a bit confused as the tickets listed admission beginning at 9a and the egg hunt beginning at 9a in either Nature’s Neighborhood (ages 6-11) or the playground (ages 0-5). With the walk from the entry gate to these locations taking 5-10 min, I wasn’t sure whether we should arrive for 8:45a or 9a.

We arrived at 8:55a and joined a short line waiting for the gates to open, which they did at 9:05. We were the third family in line, so I was surprised to find people coming out of Nature’s Neighborhood when we got there. From what I heard they had let the first group in shortly before I arrived.

For the egg hunt, each child was given a limit of 10 eggs to find. The eggs were plentiful and easy to find so there was no concern about being there right away. The phased opening, plentiful eggs, and age group split made hunting a pleasant experience. Each egg also contained a treat in it, mostly candy. My daughter’s only disappointment was that the eggs were all outside in Nature’s Neighborhood and that she couldn’t go through the doggy door.

After finding her eggs, we headed to the African Lodge for breakfast. At breakfast we had assigned seats…coincidentally with the family that we waited in line and hunted eggs with. Another family with young children was also assigned to our table and joined us shortly after. I asked them how the younger children’s egg hunt was and they said that the eggs were getting picked over in the front of the playground, but that they were replenished so there were plenty of eggs for everyone.


Breakfast was a buffet with eggs, ham, sausage, hash browns, fruit, and bagels. The only suggestion that I have on the event is to provide one more breakfast entree such as pancakes, French toast, waffles, etc. for kids (like mine and those we were sitting with) who don’t like eggs. There were also several self-serve drink choices including milk, chocolate milk, apple juice, orange juice, hot chocolate, and coffee (both regular and decaf). Coffee cups with lids were available for all beverages for younger kids who need a drink with a lid. Since they had phased entry to the Zoo, and people spent different amounts of time at the hunt, I never saw significant lines at the food stations…even for the toasters for bagels.

At breakfast, they also had crafts, live animals, and of course the Easter Bunny came to visit. My daughter loved the giant “Lite-Brite” with changing color lights, seeing the animals and the crafts. Her favorite craft was the Bunny Origami.

While she did the crafts, I waited in line for the Easter Bunny. The line was quite short and moved relatively quickly. The bunny arrived after most of the attendees, so the families who had arrived first were ready to greet the bunny when he first arrived while others were eating. There was a photographer taking pictures with the bunny and each family was presented with a 5×7 once it was taken.

After finishing at Breakfast with the Bunny, we returned to Nature’s Neighborhood so my daughter could go through the doggy door and explore the house. We also took an abbreviated tour through the Zoo seeing the elephants, hippos, lions, penguins, and polar bears. She was excited to see the penguins and is looking forward to the opening of the new Penguin Beach on May 23. We will definitely be returning to see both Penguin Beach and the new Flamingo enclosure which opens the same day. They were hard at work on both exhibits today.

Based on our experience today, I definitely recommend the programs offered by the Toledo Zoo. They have both a Mother’s Day Brunch and a Father’s Day Barbecue. As I see other events on their schedule, I will be sure to share them with you.

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