Help Teachers Change Lives through Adopt-A-Classroom Sponsored by Office Depot

With all of the budget cuts that schools across Michigan have been through in recent years, there has been a lot of turmoil at the schools and the teachers have been doing a great job at adapting to the changes. Both my daughter’s teacher last year and this year were on the list of teachers that received layoff notices from Ann Arbor Public Schools and didn’t know whether they would have a same job or be back to the same classroom until the summer. Despite this, they were still ready for the start of school this year.

With Teacher Appreciation Week approaching, Office Depot has partnered with Adopt-A-Classroom for the Teachers Change Lives Program. Adopt-A-Classroom pairs donors with teachers to help supply their classrooms. With a donation of $25 or more, you can select which classroom to make a donation to.

Office Depot has gathered 10 stories of teachers who are changing the lives of their students and inspiring them to learn. The video below highlights the student’s expressions of how these 10 teachers inspire them. It also links to videos on each teacher.

When the school year first started this year, one of the things that really struck me about my daughter’s teacher is how many of his previous students came over at the end of each day to catch up. Even now, most of the way through the school year, I still see the older kids coming back to visit. He inspires the kids by presenting material in fun ways and relating to them.


As a volunteer in the classroom I’ve seen the connection he’s forging with the students as they ask to have lunch with him in the classroom, engage in learning,  As a parent, I’ve seen my daughter develop a love of math that didn’t exist before. She will often ask me to come up with math problems for her to work on. She’s always loved reading, but as an engineer I am thrilled to see her interest in math grow.

Teachers can register their classroom for the Adopt-A-Classroom on the Teachers Change Lives website using the red box that says “Register Your Classroom”.

You can donate to a teacher by using the teal “Donate to a Teacher” button on the Teachers Change Lives website. Teachers can then use the money at an Office Depot to buy classroom supplies. Since many teachers use their own money to buy supplies, this can really help support a classroom.

I know as a parent, I try to help out with school and classroom supplies when possible. For example, when buying a poster for my daughter for a project, I bought a second to contribute to the classroom supply. Last year, my daughter always wanted to contribute pencil top erasers to the classroom (including 100 for her 100s day project). Our school in general is very supportive of the teachers. When I went to the Teacher Appreciation Signup sheet the other day, there were very few slots left. Last year, as part of the Teacher Appreciation By our office there is a bulletin board with teacher requests For example, a recent free paper offer (after rebate) resulted in numerous donations of paper so the school can use money elsewhere.

I do wish Ann Arbor would send out teacher assignments earlier in the summer. I would gladly take advantage of the back to school sales to provide supplies requested by the teacher instead of them buying supplies out of their own pocket.  Since each teacher has different organizational styles, it is hard to buy supplies without knowing who her teacher will be. For example, in First Grade folders and notebooks were color coded by subject whereas her Second Grade teacher color codes by group.

Does your child have an inspiring teacher? How do you help out your child’s school/teacher?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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