Summer Camp Guide: Safety Town is a Must for Kindergarteners/First Graders

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When my daughter was transitioning from pre-school to kindergarten, I started to look for summer activities. Aside from swim lessons, the first activity that came to mind was Safety Town. To this day (more than 30 years later), I still remember my Safety Town classes (in Illinois) and how excited I was for the class. My daughter attended Safety Town in 2011 before entering kindergarten and really enjoyed it. One of her highlights from Safety Town was getting to ride a school bus.

Safety Town is offered with your choice of a half-day standalone program (9a-noon) or as a full-day Safety Town Plus Camp program (7:30a-5:30p). Children move from their camp room to a Safety Town room which will include non-camp children as well. My daughter attending just Safety Town was able to be placed in a class with her friends who were enrolled in Safety Town and Camp. My daughter’s only complaint about Safety Town was that she didn’t get to stay for the afternoon camp like her friends did. Also, please note that the schedule changes for Friday. Safety Town ends at 10:30a on Friday with a presentation made to parents after drop-off and before graduation. Parents are encouraged to stay for the day. Students enrolled in camp may stay for the entire camp day.

Safety Town is primarily geared towards children entering Kindergarten. This year they have expanded eligibility to include children entering first grade who did not previously attend Safety Town. I am glad that they have made this change since I know a few children who were unable to attend due to logistics the year they entered Kindergarten (extended travel, newborn sibling, relocation, etc). Actually, I am fairly certain that I didn’t attend Safety Town the summer before entering Kindergarten as we moved late in the summer the year I started Kindergarten.

For 2014 Safety Town will be held at Dicken Elementary School (it was at Bryant when my daughter attended). The program will feature a new town board painted by an artist who is also a Safety Town teacher. There will also be some updates to the Safety Town curriculum for 2014. The curriculum includes learning car safety, bicycle safety, fire safety, stranger danger, and much more. There have been several cases where lives have been saved by what children learned at Safety Town.


Safety Town costs $89 while Safety Town plus Camp costs $249. However, you can save $10 on either registration by enrolling your child before April 20. There will be 4 sessions of Safety Town/Safety Town plus Camp to choose from:

Registration for Safety Town is available online through the Rec & Ed website or at the links above for specific sessions.
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