Wii U vs Xbox One vs Playstation 4 – Why we Upgraded

Recently we were faced with the video game obsolescence decision about our Wii. Many new video games, particularly the LEGO games which my daughter and husband love are not being released for Wii.

Like millions of other families we had a Wii. Ours was purchased in February 2008 when they were hard to come by. My parents actually found it for us at Circuit City in Arborland. We were very happy with the Wii adding the Wii Fit and the Wii Plus controllers.

However, when the LEGO Marvel game was announced with no Wii version we debated upgrading to a Wii U, buying an XBox 360 or some other system. I was watching the prices on the XBox 360 because of the Kinect feature which my daughter enjoyed at a friend’s house. However, I could not justify the price tag for a system that was almost as old as my Wii and likely to also be obsolete shortly. We actually had decided not to upgrade and deal with not having the latest games.

At Christmas, my parents knew we were debating a new game system and surprised us with an Xbox One with instructions to decide which of the next generation systems to get: Xbox One, Sony Playstation 4, or Wii U. They had purchased the Xbox One because they were the most difficult to find and they happened to find one at Costco.

We evaluated the three systems and in the end chose the Nintendo Wii U for several reasons. The most important reasons were the backwards compatibility with the Wii and the library of games. Price was another tipping point in favor of the Wii U as it is the least expensive system.

The Wii U is compatible with Wii games and even offers a transfer utility to transfer all of your game progress and saved Mii characters. I love that we now have a single game system that plays all of our old games and we don’t have to have two systems connected (Note it does not play GameCube games or games purchased through the online Wii store). Not only do the games work, but many of the accessories work as well such as our Wii remotes, Wii Fit, Skylanders Portal, sensor bar, etc. The one thing I didn’t like about the Wii U is that it only has one of the fancy controllers and no ability to add a second unit. Since we only have one child, it hasn’t proven to be an issue for us.

At the time of our purchase (December 2013), the Wii U had more games available than the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One even without considering the Wii library. The difference is particularly striking when you look at the family-friendly titles. Additionally, I found that many titles were less expensive on Wii U than on Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Overall, we have been very happy with our Wii U and are enjoying the new games. LEGO Marvel is my daughter’s favorite game and she has also been able to get LEGO Movie and LEGO: The Hobbit which are not available on the Wii.

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Currently, the best price on Amazon for a Wii U is for Nintendo Skylanders SWAP Force Bundle – Nintendo Wii U. My daughter’s favorite video games are LEGO: Marvel and The LEGO Movie Videogame. She was very happy yesterday to receive LEGO The Hobbit – Wii U as a delayed Easter Bunny present.

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