AADL Summer Reading Game

Summer is quickly approaching and one of the hallmarks of summer are summer reading contests.

A couple of years ago, the Ann Arbor District Library (AADL) expanded the traditional summer reading program into a game to encourage not just reading, but use of the library. Kids and adults earn points based on the number of books read, pages/time read, attending library events, using the website, and finding codes in the library, and more.

In The SUMMER GAME you will earn points and badges. The game will start on Friday, June 13 and runs through Sunday, August 31. The Shop to spend your points will open on Monday, July 7. Be sure to check out The SUMMER GAME site for a cool video about the summer game.

There will be an introduction to the Summer Game at the AADL tent at Taste of Ann Arbor on Sunday, July 1.

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