Mixed Berry Agua Fresca

Last week I was inspired by Lena’s Strawberry Mint Agua Fresca at Taste of Ann Arbor to create my own version of Strawberry Mint Agua Fresca. I loved having it in the house and wanted to make another version for this week. When shopping at Meijer today, I was influenced by the great prices they had on berries to make a Mixed Berry Agua Fresca.

To make a gallon of agua fresca, I used 12 oz of raspberries, about 9 oz of blueberries, and 12 strawberries.

I used my Magic Bullet to puree the fruit in two batches. I mixed each batch with 10c of water and filtered through a mesh filter to remove the bulk of the raspberry seeds and blueberry skins. I found that mixing the puree with the water helped to move the fruit through the screen more efficiently than filtering the puree alone. You could use a cheesecloth or a coffee filter to filter finer particles as well. Personally, I prefer some of the finer particles left int he drink, so I wouldn’t take this extra step.

Once both batches of Agua Fresca were filtered into a 1 gallon container, I mixed in 1/4c of sugar, chilled, and served over ice.

I love having the fresh Agua Fresca over the summer since I find it more refreshing than regular water, particularly when I am starting to get dehydrated. I am hoping to continue to experiment with different varieties, especially as different fruits come into season. My daughter’s next suggestion is watermelon. If you want strawberries this season, Rowe’s Produce Farm is now open for You-Pick strawberries.


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