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Each month my daughter eagerly awaits the delivery of her magazines. She started receiving High Five from Highlights a few years ago which has since been upgraded to a Highlights Magazine Subscription. Her first grade class received National Geographic Kids magazine and she LOVED it. She also was checking the magazine out from the Ann Arbor District Library, so I bought her a subscription when I found a deal last year. We also added the American Girl Magazine as a Christmas present. She usually has a stash of a few magazines in each of our cars to read as we drive around town.

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This week, LivingSocial is offering deals on a number of magazines for both little kids and big kids.

Two of the magazines that are included in the deals are National Geographic Kids ($12 for 2 issues, $15 value) and American Girl ($20 for 6 issues, $27 value). I definitely recommend both of these based on my daughter’s love of the magazines.

Other magazines include:

  • Babies/Toddlers (6 months-3 years):
    • Babybug ($17 for 9 issues, $34 value)
  • Little Kids: (3-6 years)
    • National Geographic Little Kids ($10 for 6 issues, $15 value)
    • Click ($17 for 9 issues, $34 value)
    • Ladybug ($17 for 9 issues, $34 value)
  • Big Kids:
    • Ask ($17 for 9 issues, $34 value) ages 6-9
    • Spider ($17 for 9 issues, $34 value) ages 6-9
    • National Geographic Kids ($12 for 10 issues, $15 value) ages 6-14
    • Boys’ Life ($13 for 12 issues, $24 value) ages 6-11 or 12-17
    • American Girl ($20 for 6 issues, $27 value) ages 8-12
    • New Moon Girl ($29 for 6 issues, $41 value) ages 8+
    • Yum Food & Fun for Kids ($10 for 4 issues, $13 value)
The promotional value of your deal will expire on October 10, 2014. There is a limit of 1 subscription per household with up to 10 additional to give as gifts. Your magazine will ship within 6-8 weeks of redemption.
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