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The last few weekends we have been having Family Movie Night and watching some of the movies that my husband and I grew up watching. Two weekends ago we watched The Princess Bride and last weekend we watched Spaceballs. The choice of Spaceballs was inspired by my daughter’s friend who saw the movie at Top of the Park.

After watching The Princess Bride, my daughter started saying how the movie was a little like The Neverending Story which she had started to watch at a friend’s house. It got us thinking about other movies from our childhood that would be good movies for our family movie night. A couple of others on my list are The Goonies and Hook. Last summer I tried to watch both with her, but she wasn’t interested. Maybe now that she’s a year older she will be more interested.

We are continuing to think of other movies that we can add to our Family Movie Night queue.  I used Funkyflick to help me find new movies similar to the ones that we have recently watched. Funkylfick will also work with your favorite book, movie, or other interest.

When I entered The Princess Bride into Funkyflick, other movies that came up (some of which we had discussed) were The Mask of Zorro, Ever After, Enchanted (which she has seen), Willow, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Neverending Story, and more. Definitely a list that we can build on for future family movie nights.


Prior to The Princess Bride we had started watching The Chronicles of Narnia series starting with The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe which my daughter had selected because her teacher had read them some of the book in school. When I used The Chronicles of Narnia in Funkyflick, I found the predictable The Lord of the RIngs, The Hobbit, and Harry Potter series (my daughter has seen all of those). Willow came up again, so I think that will definitely get added to our Family Movie queue. Other movies included Bridge to Terabithia, Where the Wild Things Are, and The Neverending Story.

I didn’t have as much success with Spaceballs since there is no way to filter based on ratings. A filter for ratings (or at least including them in the quick look information) would be a great enhancement for the website.

Based on my use of Funkyflick, I have definitely added Willow to our movie list. I can’t believe my husband and I forgot about that movie.

What movies has your family enjoyed for a Family Movie Night? What movies are on your to-watch list?

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