FREE DohVinci Decorating Event at Toys R Us

Have you heard about DohVinci yet? It is a new product from PlayDoh. DohVinci comes in squeezable tubes with different tips and will harden overnight allowing you to keep your creations. My fellow Michigan Blogger, Mom Among Chaos, had a review of DohVinci last week.

Toys R Us is having a FREE DohVinci Decorating Event on Saturday, August 9 from noon-2p at all locations. You and a friend can decorate a picture frame with DohVinci.

I suggest arriving early as they sometimes run out of materials for popular events. The store in Arborland often will have a line for the event about 10 minutes before it begins.

In addition, you will have a chance to check out the new My Little Pony Pop toys. These toys allow you to customize the ponies.


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