Ann Arbor Mess-Free Playgrounds

I love this spring weather that we have been having this week! However, with melting snow and spring rains, things can get quite muddy on playgrounds. Since we don’t live walking distance to a playground, I was always concerned about having to put my muddy daughter back into the car. Based on my preference, I have created a list of Ann Arbor Mess-Free Playgrounds.

Ann Arbor Mess-Free Playgrounds


Earlier this week on Facebook I solicited recommendations for playgrounds that are mess-free since they utilize rubber mats or chips under the structure.

Yesterday my daughter and I took a mini-tour of some of the recommended Ann Arbor Mess-Free Playgrounds.

Gallup Park

The front play area (near the canoe livery) at Gallup Park has rubber mats and no mulch. With a tire swing, a slide built into the hill, and some climbing structures, the play area isn’t very large. It is geared towards younger kids. My 10 year old definitely felt that she was too big for most of what was on the playground.

Gallup Park is located at 3000 Fuller Rd, Ann Arbor.

County Farm Park

County Farm Park is one of my daughter’s favorite playgrounds. It does have one of the taller play structures, but there are plenty of activities for young children. The park is a mix of rubber mats and mulch. Plus, there is a sand pit and tubs that can fill with water. 

In addition to the playground at County Farm Park, my daughter took a trip to the Perennial Garden. It was dry when we visited, but does have gravel paths. The last time we were at the park she and her friends spent a lot of time hanging out in the perennial garden since it was not as crowded as the playground.

Ann Arbor Mess-Free Playgrounds - County Farm Park - Perennial Garden

The main park entrance for County Farm Park is located at 2230 Platt Rd, Ann Arbor

Southeast Area Park

One of the suggestions was for the Southeast Area Park on Ellsworth just west of Platt Rd. My daughter and I explored both play structures here and they were mostly mulch. The play area closer to Ellsworth Rd had a rubber mat where a tire swing used to be located. The actual structures had a rubber mat leading to the mulch area and the play structure.

Southeast Area Park is located at 1351 E. Ellsworth, Ann Arbor 

Other Suggested Ann Arbor Mess-Free Playgrounds

With our busy schedule this week and some rain, we were not able to visit all of the playgrounds suggested or to check out any other playgrounds. Other suggested playgrounds include:

  • Olson Park (1551 Dhu Varren Rd, Ann Arbor)
  • Ford Heritage Park (8399 Textile Rd, Ypsilanti)

I’ll have to check them out when we have a chance. Our March is very busy with my daughter’s activities and some other commitments, so I’ll have to see when we can visit the playground.

As always, if you have any other suggestions, add them in the comments or send them to me via email

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