Sledding at Veterans Memorial Park

Are you looking for the best places to sled in Ann Arbor? Yesterday we went sledding at Veterans Memorial Park for the first time.

Sledding at Veterans Memorial Park

The Sledding Hill at Veterans Memorial Park

The hill at Veterans Memorial Park is a pretty good size. There was quite a crowd there while we were there. Most of the kids sledding at Veterans Memorial Park while we were there were older – mid elementary school through high school students. I don’t recommend this location for young children.

While climbing lines were not explicitly defined, most of the traffic climbing back up the hill was on the sides. Near the tree line and near the fence of the baseball field. My daughter decided it was easier to crawl up the hill than walk.

Crawling up the hill while Sledding at Veterans Memorial Park

Note: There are several No Sledding signs at Veterans Memorial Park. Honestly, I’m not sure if we were in a no sledding area or not. With trees directly behind the building, I do recommend skipping that area.

Sledding at Veterans Memorial Park Logistics

As with most sledding hills, you need to bring your own sled. We saw all kinds of sleds – toboggans, foam sleds, plastic sleds, inflatable tubes, etc. I do recommend a sturdy sled as I saw several broken sleds at the top of the hill.

There is ample parking for sledding at Veterans Memorial Park (2150 Jackson Ave). We parked in the Service Entrance lot on Jackson Rd (to the east of the pool/ice rink). As a bonus, the parking is at the top of the hill which is convenient for a non-sledding parent. With the indoor ice rink adjacent to the hill, there are indoor facilities like restrooms and concessions available if you want a break.

Overall Thoughts on Sledding at Veterans Memorial Park

While my daughter had a great time sledding at Veterans Memorial Park, it isn’t our first choice primarily because of location. We live on the east side of Ann Arbor, so Veterans Memorial Park is a bit of a drive for us. One of the other Sledding Hills in Ann Arbor are a better choice for us.


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