2017 Ann Arbor Preschool Guide

If you have a child who will be 3-5 this fall, it is time to start looking for preschools for the 2017-2018 school year. Our 2017-2018 Ann Arbor Preschool Guide is sponsored by Apple Garden Playschools. Thank you also to the Preschools who purchased upgraded listings.

2017 Ann Arbor Preschool Guide

Preschool Guide Sponsored by Apple Playschools

Apple Playschools

The curriculum at Apple Playschool’s preschools and kindergartens is Reggio-inspired and anti-bias. Their philosophy is that children have many ways of expressing themselves and learn best when connecting new information to their interests through play. 

At Apple Playschool’s the teachers are co-learners and collaborators. They constantly learn about their students and best practices in early education through documentations, reflection, and ongoing professional development.

The Apple Playschool’s organization supports feminist business practices and social justice through community events and partnerships, continuing education classes, and scholarship programs. 

Apple Playschools programs includes Green Apple Garden Lower (2664 Miller Rd, Ann Arbor), Green Apple Garden Upper (511 Miller Rd, Ann Arbor), and Manzanitas Spanish Immersion Playschool (2626 Packard St, Ann Arbor).

Gather Preschool Infromation

There are several upcoming events to help you start your preschool search. Mark your calendar for the Ann Arbor District Library’s Preschool Expo on Sunday, January 29 at the Downtown Branch. The Preschool Expo starts at 1p and ends at 4p. First Steps is holding a Choosing a Preschool seminar on Tuesday, January 31 from 6:30-8p. While preschools won’t be present at the seminar, it will give you tips on what to look for in a preschool.

In choosing a preschool, it is also good time to consider what features are important to you. 

  • What schedule works best for your family/child?
  • Is a Cooperative Preschool with Parental involvement important?
  • What educational philosophy do you want – Play Based, Reggio-Emilia, Montessori, etc.
  • What facilities are important to you
  • Location
  • Price

The preschools on our list vary from a traditional preschool offering half-day programs a few days a week to programs that have options include full work day hours for working parents.

Ann Arbor Preschool Listings

Thank you to our Preschool Guide Sponsors. They are listed below with an image and a full listing. Would you like your preschool to be listed in the Preschool Guide or to be upgraded to a Featured listing? Email us for more information.

Manzanitas Spanish Immersion Playschool

Manzanitas Spanish Immersion Playschool

2626 Packard St
Manzanitas Spanish Immersion Playschool is a progressive Spanish language immersion program for children ages six months to six-years-old. Located in Ann Arbor, Manzanitas integrates the Reggio Emilia approach with research-based language development best practices. Children will grow socially, emotionally, and cognitively as well as develop their cultural and language competencies. Apple Playschools Manzanitas is one of the Apple Playschools. The curriculum at Apple Playschool's preschools and kindergartens is Reggio-inspired and anti-bias. Their philosophy is that ...
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Green Apple Garden Playschool

Green Apple Garden Playschool

511 Miller Rd, Ann Arbor
Green Apple Garden is a nature-based playschool for ages six months to six-years-old. Located in Ann Arbor, their program is structured around the Reggio Emilia approach, with an emphasis on authentic play and time spent in nature. Apple Playschools Green Apple Garden is one of the Apple Playschools. The curriculum at Apple Playschool's preschools and kindergartens is Reggio-inspired and anti-bias. Their philosophy is that children have many ways of expressing themselves and learn best when ...
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Stone School Cooperative Preschool

Stone School Cooperative Preschool

2811 Stone School Rd
Stone School Cooperative Preschool (SSCP) is a cooperative preschool in Ann Arbor's historic Stone School. My daughter attended SSCP and we loved our experiences. About Stone School Cooperative Preschool SSCP offers a cooperative, play based preschool. As a cooperative, parents have a chance to be integral part of their children's education by assisting in class on a regular basis. As a play-based preschool, the school emphasizes learning through play. Class Options Stone School Cooperative Preschool ...
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FUMCN Co-Op Preschool + Young Fives Program

FUMCN Co-Op Preschool + Young Fives Program

120 S. State St, Ann Arbor
FUMCN cooperative preschool is a caring, stimulating, and secure place for children to learn and grow. FUMCN encourage creatives thinking and provide opportunities for problem solving to help expand your child’s mind through Reggio-inspired learning concepts. At FUMCN cooperative preschool, ...
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Early Learning Center Preschool

Early Learning Center Preschool

3070 Redwood Ave, Ann Arbor
The Early Learning Center has been providing a unique preschool program for children in the Ann Arbor Area since 1975. They offer a traditional half-day preschool program for children 2 1/2 to 5 years of age. The Caterpillar class is ...
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2350 Miller Avenue, Ann Arbor
Allen Creek Preschool offers preschool classes for 3 and 4 year olds and a senior preschool for 5 year olds. The 3 & 4 year old classes meets Monday-Thursday mornings. The 5 year old senior preschool meets Monday-Friday mornings. They also offer Parent Toddler and Transitional Toddler classes.
2309 Packard St, Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor Children's House is a Montessori Preschool with several enrollment options. The base program is Monday-Friday mornings. The offer optional lunch, Tuesday/Thursday afternoon, or full school-day programs.
775 South Maple, Ann Arbor
The Discovery Center offers both full and half day preschool classrooms for kids ages 2.5-5. In addition to a preschool program, they also offer a Young 5/Kindergarten program.
10980 Ford Road, Superior Township, Ypsilanti, MI
Children's Garden Montessori has full and half day programs including the highly sought after half day kindergarten. New for Fall 2017 is A 2 day a week half day AFTERNOON preschool session
1110 West Cross St, Ypsilanti
Ypsi Coop Preschool offers a cooperative preschool environment. Their 3 year old class meets Tuesday/Thursday mornings. The 4 year old class meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.
Westside United Methodist Church, 900 S. Seventh Street, Ann Arbor
A Cooperative Preschool offering Tuesday/Thursday morning classes for 3 year olds and Monday/Wednesday/Friday morning classes for 4 year olds.
Allen: 2560 Towner Blvd, Ann Arbor Thurston: 2300 Prairie Street, Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor Preschool is a tuition based preschool offered by Ann Arbor Public Schools at both Allen Elementary and Thurston Elementary. Preschool for 4 year olds is offered Monday-Thursday with an optional STEAM Friday. The class runs from 8:30a-3:30p.
Ann Arbor Nursery, A Cooperative Preschool offers classes for 3 and 4 year olds. Both classes meet on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with the 3 year olds meeting in the morning and the 4 year olds meeting in the afternoon.
6536 Scio Church Rd, Ann Arbor
Sunshine Special Children's Studio offers programs for kids from 2.5-5. They have both half-day morning and half-day afternoon programs available.
1500 Scio Church Road, Ann Arbor
Uno Dos Tres Spanish Immersion Preschool is Taught in Spanish. They offer half-day, full-day and extended day programs for toddlers (18 months-3 years) and preschoolers (3-5 years). Weekly enrollment is available for 2-5 days.
Daycroft Montessori School offers flexible preschool scheduling allowing half-day mornings or a school day program. Scheduling is flexible to allow for a mix of half-day and full-day enrollment on a permanent or temporary basis. They also offer a Young 5s program and Kindergarten. There is also a K-8 school at another campus..
511 Miller Rd, Ann Arbor
Arboltios Reggio Kindergarten offers a dual language environment (English and Spanish) for Young 5s and Kindergarteners. They offer both full day and half day enrollment.
First Presbyterian Church, 1432 Washtenaw Avenue, Ann Arbor
Triangle Cooperative Preschool offers a cooperative preschool program for 3 & 4 year olds. The 3 year old half-day program meets Monday, Wednesday while the 4year old half-day program meets Tuesday/Thursday/Friday. They have new on-site sibling care when you are working in the classroom.
3630 Plaza Dr Suites 5A & 6A Ann Arbor
The U School is a new model preschool in Ann Arbor offering an emphasis on the sense of self and connection with the community. They offer half and full day early learning programs for ages 3-5.
6299 Ann Arbor Saline Rd, Saline
Saline Cooperative Preschool offers a cooperative preschool environment for 3 and 4 year olds. The 3 year old class meets on Tuesday/Thursday mornings while the 4 year old class meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.

Ann Arbor Preschool Open Houses

Attending an Open House is one of the best ways to learn about a preschool. For convenience, we have a list of upcoming preschool open houses & other events.

August 13, 2017

Date/Time Event
Play Day and Open House
at Elements Preschool for Natural Learning, Ann Arbor Michigan

August 19, 2017

Date/Time Event
Stone School Cooperative Preschool Open House

Stone School Cooperative Preschool Open House

at Stone School Cooperative Preschool, Ann Arbor Michigan
My daughter attended Stone School Cooperative Preschool. We loved the school and definitely recommend it. Even at 6th grade, she is still friends with SSCP classmates...




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