Girl Scout Cookie Season – 100th Year!

This year, Girl Scout Cookies are celebrating their 100th anniversary. Today I am picking up our troop’s cookies and this weekend we will start holding Ann Arbor Girl Scout Cookie Booths. After a few booths on Super Bowl Weekend, there will be a number of booths through March 26. The Girl Scout Cookie Booths Locator will help you find the time and date of Cookie Booths near you.

Ann Arbor Girl Scout Cookie Booths

Ann Arbor Girl Scout Cookie Benefits

In addition to tasting great, Girl Scout Cookies benefit local Girl Scouts in our area. All of the profits from the sale remain within our local council, Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan (GSHOM). GSHOM includes Ann Arbor, Lansing, Jackson, Kalamazoo, and Saginaw. The proceeds are split between GSHOM and the individual troop. Council proceeds help to support camps (both resident and day camps) and other programming. It also funds financial aid to allow all girls to join Girl Scouts.

Troop Proceeds

Troop proceeds are used for troop activities. Last year, my daughter’s troop spent a weekend in Mackinac. They stayed at a campground in Mackinaw City, visited a Dark Park and spent all day Saturday on Mackinac Island.

In past years, my daughter’s troops have used their cookie proceeds for zip-lining, the water park, camping, and to fund donations to the Humane Society (the girls choice).


Council Proceeds

My daughter has attended both Girl Scout Day camp and resident summer camp. Both the programs and the facilities are amazing. With the funds from Girl Scout cookies, our council is able to improve existing facilities and continue to offer amazing programs.

Girl Scout Camp Girl Scout Camp Merrie Wood

Educational Benefits

The girls learn a lot through selling Girl Scout cookies. The girls learn money management skills, and marketing. As the adult guiding girls at Cookie Booths, I have seen shy girls come out of their shell as they approach people about buying Girl Scout Cookies.

Locally, Girl Scout Cookies have also inspired activism. As of 2012, only sustainable Palm Oil is used in Girl Scout Cookies. Local Ann Arbor Girl Scouts were the driving force for the switch.

2017 Girl Scout Cookie News

Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan offers 7 varieties of cookies at booths this year. A box of cookies costs $4 ($5 for the Gluten-Free Toffee-Tastic). Unfortunately, due to a nationwide shortage, delivery of the Toffee-Tastic (Gluten Free) cookies has been delayed. They will not be available for booths until further notice.

If you have pre-ordered Girl Scout cookies from a local Girl Scout, they will be receiving them for delivery beginning February 16 (again minus the Toffee-Tastic).

Girl Scout Cookie Boxes

Image provided by Little Brownie Bakers

The Big 3 – Thin Mint, Samoa, Tagalong

The top 3 cookie sellers are the Thin Mint, Samoa, and Tagalong. The Thin Mint leads the way with the Samoa and Tagalong roughly even. We’ve noticed that some families are Samoa families and some are Tagalong families. We’re a Samoa family, but my daughter gets a decent number of Tagalong orders since my brother-in-law’s family is a Tagalong family.

Ann Arbor Girl Scout Cookie Booths - Big 3

Image provided by Little Brownie Bakers

Thin Mint is now Vegan

As of 2015, the Thin Mint is now a Vegan cookie which is great for those who are vegan or eat a lactose free diet. However, as someone who is neither of those, my first thought was “Did they ruin the Thin Mint?” As the area manager, I was at a 2015 training session with a representative from Little Brownie Bakers. He assured me that the only change was the removal of trace amounts of whey that was present for line compatibility.


Image provided by Little Brownie Bakers

Toffee-Tastic Gluten Free Cookie

GSHOM first offered the Gluten Free Toffee-Tastic cookie in 2015. Toffee-Tastic sells for $5/box because of the increased cost of producing a gluten free cookie. Unfortunately, the bakery received far more orders than they anticipated nationwide. The GSHOM shipment has been delayed and these cookies will not be delivered until later this season.

Other Cookies

The other GSHOM cookies this season are Trefoils, Do-Si-Dos, and Savannah Smiles. The Trefoils are a shortbread cookie in the shape of the Girl Scout Trefoil. Do-Si-Dos are an oatmeal sandwich cookie with peanut butter filling. Savannah Smiles are a lemon cookie covered in powdered sugar. They were introduced in 2012 for the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts.

S’mores Cookie

Over the summer, GS USA announced two new S’mores cookies. GSHOM is not selling the S’mores cookie. There are a couple of reasons why GSHOM is not carrying the S’mores cookie. The primary reason is that full information on the cookie was not available in May when GSHOM signed their contract for the 2016-2107 scout year.

Nationally Girl Scouts uses 2 different bakers to produce Girl Scout Cookies – Little Brownie Bakers (who GSHOM uses) and ABC. The Little Brownie Bakers S’mores cookie has no artificial flavors, no artificial colors, no high fructose corn syrup, no partially or fully hydrogenated oils, and no preservatives. These decisions make the cookie more expensive to produce. For example, Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan (the Detroit area) is selling the S’mores cookie for $5.50 vs $5 for Toffee-Tastic and $4 for the other boxes.

Additionally, the S’mores cookie is produced at the same facility as the Toffee-Tastic and has similar availability issues.

Which Girl Scout Cookie is your favorite?

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