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Origin of an Events List

In 2008 when my daughter was 2, I was running a playgroup and different members were attending fun events that they had heard about, but the other members had not. I started gathering a list of local activities that the playgroup members had heard of.

Ann Arbor Events & Activities

In 2009 my daughter started preschool. The other parents were excited to hear about my list and started to ask for copies. At that point, I decided to take my list online as Ann Arbor Events & Activities with a focus on activities for preschoolers and toddlers.

Ann Arbor with Kids

In 2011 my daughter started Kindergarten and I wanted to cover events for my daughter’s new age range and continue my existing event coverage for preschoolers and toddlers. I rebranded the site to Ann Arbor with Kids and activities for elementary aged children were added as well. Today, Ann Arbor with Kids covers events and activities for kids from birth through tweens with some teen events. 


Site Redesign

In the fall of 2014, Ann Arbor with Kids underwent a large site redesign. The site redesign improved the mobile experience, added a new homepage design, and added an interactive events calendar. A weekly newsletter was also added.

About My Family:Ann Arbor with Kids Family Photo

About Me

I never expected to be a Blogger. Back in high school, I did write for the school paper which came out monthly, but my real interest was in math and science. After an engineering degree with a computer science minor, I did technical programming for nearly 10 years before becoming a stay at home mom after my daughter was born.

About My Daughter

My daughter is 9.5 and in fourth grade in the Ann Arbor Public schools. She loves reading, LEGOs, Star Wars, Marvel, Disney, our Wii U, and roller coasters. She is a big fan of most of the events that she has helped me review and loves testing out products – even ones that she isn’t quite the right age for.

About My Husband

My husband is a UM Professor and like me, he is also an unexpected writer. As a scientist, he spends a lot of time writing grant applications and research papers. Combined with running a lab and teaching commitments, he works a lot of hours so my daughter and I attend a lot of events without him.

Living in Ann Arbor

My husband and I moved to Ann Arbor in 2003 when he got a job at UM. We love living in Ann Arbor and taking advantage of all the fun family-friendly activities around town.


Our family enjoys traveling and take several trips a year. We have family in Pennsylvania and usually visit them once or twice a year. Other recent destinations have included Cedar Point, Toronto, Walt Disney World, Disneyland, San Diego, Niagara Falls, Santa Fe, and more.

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  • I’d love to chat with you sometime about your blog. I started KZOOkids.com with the help of Melody from grkids.com and am always looking for other local friends to connect with.

    Have a super day!

    Jill Piwko

  • Nadine Hariri


    My name is Nadine Hariri and I am the editor of the local publication, Ann Arbor Family. I am subscribed to your blog and always look forward to the seeing the fun events you are posting about. We’d love to include a link to your blog on our website as an expert in AA events for parents. Please let me know if you’re interested!

    Thank you,

    Nadine Hariri

  • Kira Berman

    Thanks for your lovely article about the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History! So glad you and your daughter had fun.

    Kira Berman
    Assistant Director for Education (and I was staff on Sunday and met you briefly)

  • Susan Loss

    I have visited the Reptile Zoo, but it has been some time. We would like to go back with another grandchild, but I cannot find an address for it.

    • They closed a couple of years ago. I would suggest Creature Conservancy, Leslie Science Center, or Petting Farm at Domino Farms as places to see animals locally.

  • Thanks for assembling this resource. It’s so valuable to the Ann arbor and surrounding community. I’ve used your site to check out parks for my family. We’re trying to visit every park in Ann arbor and there’s a lot!

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