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Ann Arbor with Kids offers a number of opportunities to promote both local events and businesses and relevant national brands. By subscribing to the Ann Arbor with Kids Business Newsletter, you can stay informed of advertising deadlines, upcoming article topics with an opportunity for listing or sponsorship, and much more.

Camp & School Guides

Ann Arbor with Kids is currently assembling guides for

Please see the links for more information on how to get your camp or school listed as well as available upgraded promotional options.

Target Audience

Ann Arbor with Kids provides information on is targeted to parents of kids in the Ann Arbor area.


Most of our readers are parents (mostly moms), grandparents, and caregivers. In general they are caregivers for children from toddlers through elementary school students. As my daughter approaches middle school, my readership is expanding to include more parents of middle schools.

Geographic Demographics

Most visitors to Ann Arbor with Kids live locally to Ann Arbor and the immediately surrounding communities. Readers also include those planning visits to Ann Arbor and those planning to relocate to the Ann Arbor area.

Readership Statistics

Ann Arbor with Kids currently receives an average of 34,000 page views per month from 15,000 unique users.

Social Media

Ann Arbor with Kids maintains an active social media presence with more than 3000 Facebook fans and accounts on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Our readers are predominately on Facebook.

More details on the Ann Arbor with Kids audience and social media accounts are at the bottom of this post.

Advertising & Promotional Opportunities

Ann Arbor with Kids follows ethical blogging standards. All sponsored content will be labeled as advertising or sponsored content according to FTC standards. For a copy of the Ann Arbor with Kids Media Guide complete with pricing on promotional information, please contact Ann Arbor with Kids.

Event Promotion

Events may be submitted yourself or sent to Ann Arbor with Kids via e-mail. Basic event listings are free. Events submitted by e-mail will only include a brief description and a link. If you submit the event yourself, you may include pictures and a detailed event description. Submitted events are approved for applicability and may be edited before publication.

Sponsoring Events

Sponsoring Events allow for a more detailed listing including images, detailed event write-up, prime listing location, additional social media promotion, and newsletter mentions. Sponsoring Events are limited to 4/weekend. Event bundles are available as are options for recurring events. For more information, contact Ann Arbor with Kids.

Profile Your Business

Featured Blog Post

A Featured Blog Post is a detailed blog post about your desired topic. Post will be highlighted in the featured post slider on the home page and will be shared via social media. They will also be shared in the weekly newsletter.

For more information including prices, contact Ann Arbor with Kids.

Guide Sponsorships

Seasonally Ann Arbor with Kids will create guides for events or businesses in a specific category. Upgraded listings for these guides are typically available. You may also propose a sponsorship for information already on the blog (for example sponsoring our Kids Eat Free guide). For more information, contact Ann Arbor with Kids


Ann Arbor with Kids offers several advertising option with both on-site ads and newsletter ad space. In addition, we can utilize our social media reach to publicize posts or cover events. For more information, contact Ann Arbor with Kids.

Blog Ads

Blog ads display on all Ann Arbor with Kids pages. Ad space is typically sold on a monthly basis. Advertising is available above the header, next to the Ann Arbor with Kids logo, and in the sidebar. Ad options include full-time or rotational display. For more information, contact Ann Arbor with Kids.

Targeted Ads

You may also purchase a targeted ad that only displays on a particular page. For example, a restaurant may wish to only advertise on the Kids Eat Free page. For more information, contact Ann Arbor with Kids.

Newsletter Ads

Newsletter Ads are available on either a per newsletter basis or a monthly basis. For more information, contact Ann Arbor with Kids.

Other Options

Roundup Posts

Periodically we will write a roundup post – for example a Summer Camp Guide. These roundup posts will include opportunities for a title sponsor and sponsored listings with more details than a basic listing. New Roundup Posts will be announced in the Business Newsletter.


Ann Arbor with Kids can do review posts. We will attend an event, dine or shop at your business, or review a product. For more details on having a review done, please contact Ann Arbor with Kids for more details.


If you would like to provide a product and have Ann Arbor with Kids sponsor a giveaway, please contact Ann Arbor with Kids for more details.

Contributed Posts

Would you like to guest blog on Ann Arbor with Kids to promote your business? You contribute an article on a relevant topic for Ann Arbor Parents. Please contact Ann Arbor with Kids to discuss possible topics and rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is a better option for me – An Ad or a Featured Post?

Whether an ad or a featured post (or even both) is the right option for your business can depend on a lot of factors including your goals. If your main goal is name awareness, an ad is a great choice since all visitors to the site will see the ad. If you want to create a buzz and take advantage of social media sharing, a featured post is a better choice.

How much traffic does a Featured Post receive?

The amount of traffic that a Featured Post receives can vary greatly based on the applicability of the content. For example, a Halloween Events Guide post has broad applicability no matter the age, interests, gender, or income level of a reader’s children. A post about an underwater basket weaving course for 10-13 year old girls will have a much smaller appeal and will generate fewer page views, but they will mostly be from readers who are interested in the topic.

Ann Arbor with Kids Statistics

  • Blog Statistics (August 2015-January 2016)
    • 30,000 page views/month
    • 13,000 users/month
    • 82% of users in Michigan (September 2015)
  • Newsletter Statistics – see a sample Newsletter
    • 487 Subscribers
  • Facebook Statistics
    • 3400 Fans
    • 76% are women ages 25-44
    • 66% of Followers List Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Saline, Dexter, Chelsea, Whitmore Lake, Canton, Plymouth, Milan, Pinckney as their location
    • Other popular follower locations include: Detroit, Jackson, Brighton, Howell, South Lyon, Belleville, Lansing, Adrian, in Michigan and Toledo and Sylvania in Ohio
  • Other Social Media Statistics

Featured Posts


  • Hi there! Ran across your account & wondered if you were open to affiliate advertising opportunities through Impact Radius. Our program, Sittercity, is America’s largest and most trusted site for matching parents with local house sitters, pet sitters, and senior care providers.

  • Hey Anna Mae, I work with Kim McIntire from Pittsfield Parks and Recreation. We are trying to get a hold of you but your email doesn’t seem to be working. We keep getting the email kicked back to us. We would love to talk about some of the sponsored posts!

  • We would like to advertise our local youth soccer club, MPSA Crush, on your site.
    I did not find any info about pricing.
    I did sign up for your business newsletter.
    Please let me know if I need to do anything else.

  • I’m with the Michigan Secretary of State’s office and I wanted to give you and your readers a heads-up that the Secretary of State has relaunched the Michigan Child Protection Registry. It allows parents to register cell phones, email addresses and Instant Messenger IDs to keep kids from seeing ads for alcohol, tobacco, gambling and pornography. The website is and if you have any questions or want more information you are welcome to email me. Thanks!

  • Hello, please e-mail me cost to advertise our upcoming mom expo thank you.

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