Preschool Guide

Preschool Guide

The Ann Arbor with Kids Preschool Guide provides a listing of preschools in Ann Arbor and surrounding communities.

What Makes A Preschool?

The Preschool Guide is designed to showcase preschools that offer a set part-time class schedule. It is not intended to list programs that offer full-time childcare. Ann Arbor with Kids has discretion to determine if a preschool qualifies for listing in the Preschool Guide.

Preschool Guide Format

The Preschool Guide will be in the format of this Sample Guide. Preschools will be listed in a random order within their listing level. The order will be randomized each time the guide is loaded.

Types of Listings

Please see the Sample Guide for examples of the different listings

Premium Listing – $60 – includes a 200×200 image on the Guide Page and a detailed SEO optimized event listing with a minimum of 500 words. The Individual listing will be shared monthly on Facebook, 2x/month on Twitter, and 1x/month on Instagram.

Upgraded Listing – $30 – includes a 125×125 image on the Guide Page and a detailed event listing with a minimum of 250 words.

Basic Listing – FREE – This listing will consist of basic information on the preschool – Preschool Name, Location, website, general class information, and base tuition information.

Publication Schedule

  • February 18 – Please provide images, links, and content guidelines at publication
  • February 25 – Publication Date of Main Guide
  • July 1 – Discounted Upgrade rates

Next Steps

Please contact Ann Arbor with Kids for additional details, to make a purchase, or provide information for your listing.

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