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Upgrade your listing:

Basic calendar listings are free. However, we offer several options to improve your event’s visibility. The beSlow prices are for single events. Contact us for pricing on recurring events. Pricing will be based on event frequency and duration. 

  • Display Image – $5 – On the Events Calendar your event will display with the image that you provide and a brief description. The same format will be used in weekend roundups, weekly roundups, and other locations that draw directly from our event calendar
  • Featured Event – $25 – Featured Events are listed above the events calendar. They are shared on Facebook and also receive a Display Image upgrade.

You can purchase your single event upgrade below prior to submitting your event. Events are still subject to editorial approval and must meet the Submitted Event Requirements.

Upgrade Option
Event Name

Submitted Event Requirements: 

  • Events should be for kids from birth through teens. We will also list occasional events that are geared towards parents (for example, a parenting class).
  • We do not list religious services – community events held by religious groups are fine.
  • We do not list political or advocacy events.
  • Events should be open to the general public and not just members of an organization.
  • If you are listing a multi-day/recurring event, the event needs to be available on a drop-in basis for a single session. If registration is required for the entire sequence, it is not a calendar event. Please contact us for promotional options.
  • Events should be submitted at least three days prior to the event date to ensure publication (and by noon on Thursday for inclusion in the Weekend Roundup E-mail)

Please Include:

  • Please include your contact information in your submission (name and either e-mail or phone number). This will not be included on the published event unless you also include it in the text portion of the listing.
  • Event Date, Time, & Location (please select an existing location if available)
  • In the Event Details, please include:
    • Event Description
    • Event Costs
    • Registration Information (if applicable)
    • Event Link
  • Photo (optional). By including this photo you are acknowledging that you have permission to share the photo and are granting Ann Arbor with Kids permission to publish. 
  • When selecting categories, please select all relevant categories.
  • If you are submitting an event with multiple occurrences that are not on a regular schedule, please e-mail me at I can duplicate events and adjust times much faster than you can submit individual events.

Event submissions may be edited before publication.

If it has been more than 48 hours since your submission please contact Ann Arbor with Kids at to make sure there were not technical difficulties with your submission.

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The information in this section is not published.

Event Name

Enter the event name as it should appear in our calendar. Example: Preschool Storytime. No "SHOUTING" please

Event Information

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Hint: Hold Down Control with the mouse click to select mulitple categories. Please select all that apply.


This is a recurring event.

  1. If your event has only a few deviations from the recurrence, submit the event as a recurring event with a note about which events to change. I will correct the schedule manually.
  2. If your event has a very irregular schedule, uncheck the recurrence box, submit a single event and email the event details and schedule to Ann Arbor with Kids and we will manually create the recurrences on the admin side.

Recurrences span from From to to

Events start from Event starts at to All day

This event repeats every day days week on weeks on month on the months on the year years


of each month

Each event spans day(s)

For a recurring event, a one day event will be created on each recurring date within this date range.


Please select a location form our list. If we do not already have your location, please check the box next to "This event does not have a physical location" and provide location information in your details section. We will add the location when we approve your event.

This event does not have a physical location.


Location not found


Event Image

Please be sure to upload a landscape photo for events upgraded with the display image or sponsoring event option. Maximum image width is 1000px
By uploading a file you are agreeing that you have the right to use this photo and are transferring that right to Ann Arbor with Kids

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